Medix Biohazard Bag 1's

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    • With biohazard symbol
    • 100% Virgin LDPE resin
    • Approved FDA specifications
    • With biohazard symbol
    • 100% Virgin LDPE resin
    • Approved FDA specifications
    • Medix Biohazard bags have been chosen for their ability to rival any re-closable bag at economical prices. These plastic bags are printed with words and symbols to identify the contents and encourage proper handling and disposal, protecting workers from unnecessary exposure and ensuring disposal procedures are followed. Use these bags in stands, receptacles, and bag racks to keep them open. Hazardous waste bags are used in hospitals, nursing homes, and industrial settings where hazardous waste is produced.
    • For proper handling of medical waste from generation to storage, to transportation to disposal
    • Designed to ensure the safety of everyone who handles the waste
    • Facilitates safety collection and disposal of hazardous medical waste such as linen, blood products, and materials contaminated with bodily fluids
    • The biohazard symbol gives easy identification of the items
    • Seal the bags properly
    • Always wear gloves, apron, face mask or eye protection while handling, changing or shifting the bags
    • Line your medical waste container with the biohazard bags
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    Life StageAdult
    UsageSingle Use
    Country of OriginUnited States of America
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