Eucarbon Compounded Charcoal Tablets 30's

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    • Mild laxative
    • Intestinal absorbent
    • Composed solely of natural ingredients
    • Mild laxative
    • Intestinal absorbent
    • Composed solely of natural ingredients
    • Eucarbon Compounded Charcoal Tablets is a traditionally used intestinal regulative, developed over 100 years ago. It is a natural intestinal regulator and alleviates various symptoms caused by bowel sluggishness. Non-activated vegetable carbon adsorbs gases and toxins while passing through your bowel system. Intestinal irritants are bound to the surface of the vegetable carbon, allowing a rapid evacuation from the digestive system. Senna and rhubarb root stimulate the intestinal lining and encourage the natural movement of the bowel (peristalsis). The mildly laxative effect eases bowel movements by moisturizing. Sulfur disinfects the digestive tract. The digestive system is protected against microbiological harm. Onset of effect: after 8-10 hours. Eucarbon unfolds its effects in the large intestine. Active ingredients includes Senna leaves (sennae folium) 105 mg, Rhubarb root extract (rheum radix) 25 mg, Vegetable carbon (carbo ligni) 180 mg, Purified sulfur (sulfur depuratum) 50 mg.
    • Purifies the intestinal tract
    • Gently stimulates bowel movement and aids as a mild laxative and disinfectant
    • Natural remedy for constipation, flatulence and bloating
    • For sluggishness of the bowels
    • Adults: Unless otherwise prescribed, take 1-2 tablets up to 3x per day at or after meals with some liquid
    • For stronger effects raise evening dose to 3-4 tablets
    • Children from 2 years on: 1/2 to 1 tablet at meals
    • Do not store above 25 degree C
    • Store in the original container in order to protect from light
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    Length 5
    Life StageAdult
    Pack SpecificationBlister Pack
    Country of OriginAustria
    Storage TemperatureCool Temperature
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