Daflon 500 mg Tablets 30's

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    |Micronized purified flavonoid fraction |Has veno protective and anti-inflammatory action |Relieves heavy legs and hemorrhoids
    • Micronized purified flavonoid fraction
    • Has veno protective and anti-inflammatory action
    • Relieves heavy legs and hemorrhoids
    • Daflon 500 mg Tablets is a drug recommended in the treatment of the symptoms of chronic venous disease (feeling of heavy legs, pain, restless legs) and in the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease. This is the world's most prescribed medicinal product for the treatment of vein insufficiency, and dozens of studies have proven its efficacy. Daflon quickly alleviates your leg pain, heaviness, and swelling. The key substance of Daflon comes from Mother Nature. Indeed, its production starts with the harvest of immature oranges rich in active substances. These substances are then converted into Daflon after several pharmaceutical steps.
    • Daflon protects and strengthens your venous health
    • Quickly alleviates your pain, discomfort, bleeding, and itching associated with hemorrhoidal disease
    • Improves your quality of life
    • Alleviates your leg pain, heaviness, and swelling associated with vein insufficiency
    • Read the package insert for more information about the product and dosage
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