Bebelac Junior Nutri 7 In 1 Stage 4 Growing-Up Milk Formula 800 g

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    |Growing up formula based on cows milk |Suitable from 3-6 years |Nutritionally complete formula
    • Growing up formula based on cows milk
    • Suitable from 3-6 years
    • Nutritionally complete formula
    • Bebelac Junior Nutri 7 In 1 Stage 4 Growing-Up Milk Formula is a blend of the 7 essential nutrients. Bebelac Growing-up Milk formula is a nutritionally complete formula containing Calcium, Iron, Omega 3, Prebiotics, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc that supports your child's development with just 2 cups a day. It is a blend of GOS/FOS & Zinc for digestion, omega-3 (DHA) & Iron to support brain development, calcium for supporting strong bones and essential Vitamins C & D for supporting growth and iron absorption. Bebelac Junior Nutri 7in1 Growing Up Milk, help your toddler not only explore the world around him, but also be confident and ready to socially engage and express himself. Along with physical, cognitive and emotional development, social development is an important domain of childhood development that may impact current and future outcomes. Proper nutrition is a vital factor that can help ensure healthy social development of infants.
    • Supports growth and iron absorption
    • Supports strong bones
    • Supports brain development and immune function
    • Please refer to the package for more detailed usage instructions
    • Use made-up feeds within one hour
    • Always discard unfinished feeds
    • Do not heat feeds in the microwave, hot spots may occur and cause scalding
    • Never add extra scoops or anything else to your baby’s feed
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    Age Group3+ years, 4 - 6 years
    Net Pack Weight(gram)800
    Life StageChildren, Toddlers
    Quantity Per Pack1
    Pack SpecificationCan
    Storage TemperatureCool Temperature
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