Valera Excel 1800W Hair Dryer Black 561.19

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    • 1800 watts
    • Ultra light with wall holder
    • Cool air button
    • 6 air flow/temperature settings
    • 1800 watts
    • Ultra light with wall holder
    • Cool air button
    • 6 air flow/temperature settings
    • Valera Excel 1800W Hair Dryer is a superlight hairdryer with wall holder. The product is a perfect combination of quality and advanced technology. The Valera ion generator ensures the splitting of water molecules into small particles that penetrate the hair, produce a moisturizing effect, have an antistatic effect and neutralize the positive charge on the hair, giving them a shine and a healthy appearance. The unique Swiss quality of motors equipped with Valera hair dryers increases the service life of the devices several times and significantly reduces the level of failures and damages. All Valera hair dryers use a wavy wire heating element, which makes the distribution of airflow temperature more uniform, compared to spiral heating elements. The patented FLON fan - Fan Low Noise - produces a more powerful airflow, while reducing the acoustic noise of the fan. Valera hair dryers are manufactured at the factory in the city of Ligornetto (Switzerland) and are marked with the Swiss Cross and Made in Switzerland logos, which are a guarantee of quality and high level of competence.
    • Improved hydration assists with the conditioning of your hair
    • Makes hair softer and easier to comb, with greater volume and shine
    • Helps styling whilst drying
    • Maintain the proper hydration of your hair
    • Please read the instructions carefully before using the dryer
    • When the appliance is used in a bathroom, unplug it after use since the proximity of water presents a hazard even when the appliance is switched off
    • Do not immerse in water or other liquids
    • Turn the unit off when you put it down
    • Unplug the appliance when not in use, but never do it by pulling the cord
    • Remember to check regularly that the air inlet and outlet grills are clean
    • Allow your appliance to cool before storing away and do not wrap the supply cord around the hairdryer in storage
    • When set to maximum temperature values, the appliance produces very hot air
    • To avoid damaging the hair or skin when using the product in a domestic environment, select lower temperature values or do not concentrate on individual areas for too long. Before cleaning always unplug the hairdryer from the main supply
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    Length 26
    Life StageAdult
    UsageMultiple Use
    Pack SpecificationBox
    Country of OriginSwitzerland
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