Max Ice Bag 10 Inch

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    • 10 inches long
    • For cold use
    • Made from rayon and Rubber
    • 10 inches long
    • For cold use
    • Made from rayon and Rubber
    • Max Ice Bag reduces blood flow to the affected area, helping to reduce swelling, while also acting as a topical analgesic, reducing pain. This ice bag is economic and reusable.
    • Reusable ice bag is perfect for reducing pain and swelling
    • Ice pack bag stays cold for a long time, much longer than gel packs, ice packs, or cold packs
    • Natural rubber molds to your body contours
    • Handy and Travel friendly
    • Fill ice bag 3/4 full with cubed or crushed Ice
    • Do not crush ice in the bag
    • Float cubes in water first before placing in bag to prevent sharp edges from cutting rubber
    • Twist cap on tightly
    • Apply to the desired area
    • After use drain bag and air dry before replacing cap
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    Length 23
    UsageMultiple Use
    Pack SpecificationBox
    Country of OriginUnited kingdom
    ManufacturerMax Medical Products Ltd
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