Sunstar Ortho Gum Care Kit

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    • Gum Orthodontic Wax
    • Gum Proxabrush Trav-Ler
    • Gum Red-Cote Plaque Disclosing Tablets
    • GUM Butlerweave Floss
    • GUM Orthodontic Toothbrush
    • With travel case
    • Gum Orthodontic Wax
    • Gum Proxabrush Trav-Ler
    • Gum Red-Cote Plaque Disclosing Tablets
    • GUM Butlerweave Floss
    • GUM Orthodontic Toothbrush
    • With travel case
    • Sunstar Ortho Gum Care Kit addressess specific oral care needs of orthodontic patients. Wearing orthondontic braces requires a strict oral hygiene that can be maintained by the Ortho toothbrush because brushing tooth alone only removes around half of the plaque in your mouth, whereas flossing get rid of up to 70%. Flossing also helps you to clean important areas that toothbrushes can�t reach, like between the teeth and under the gumline. GUM Proxabrush Trav-Ler removes dental plaque from areas between the teeth most commonly missed by toothbrushing alone. It an effective alternative to dental floss as it cleans between natural teeth and around crowns, bridges, dental implants, and orthodontic appliances. Tasty and easy-to-use, Gum Red-Cote Plaque Disclosing Tablets highlight plaque on tooth surfaces whick makes it easy to find out which parts of your teeth need more brushing or flossing.
    • Gum Orthodontic Wax relieves from the pain and irritation caused by orthodontic appliances
    • Gum Interdental brush and Gum Butlerweave Floss remove dental plaque and clean these difficult-to-access areas
    • Gum Tablets makes sure you don’t miss any areas of dental plaque build-up
    • Gum Orthodontic Toothbrush allows avoiding the decalcification white stains, the decays and the gingival inflammations.
    • Gum Orthodontic Wax: Break a small amount of wax (approximately the size of a pea or bean) from the stick, roll it in your fingers to warm and soften it, then firmly press the softened wax against the area of the braces that is protruding or broken. Once placed, it will cover sharp edges and stabilize loose pieces of wire or bracket.
    • Gum Proxabrush Trav-Ler: Use with moderate gestures and do not force into tight interdental spaces. Rinse the brush after each use. Change your brush after a week use.
    • Gum Red-Cote Plaque Disclosing Tablets: Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with water and chew one of the cherry-flavored tablets for 30 seconds without swallowing. The tablet will turn any plaque build-up on the teeth red, making it very easy to spot then you can then brush or floss these areas until the teeth are fully clean.
    • Gum Butlerweave Floss: Keep a segment of the floss (around 2.5 to 5 cm) tight between your fingers and use your index fingers to insert it between the contact surfaces of two lower teeth then gently move the floss between the teeth in a zigzag pattern, passing over the entire tooth.
    • Gum Orthodontic Toothbrush: Place the toothbrush along the gums in order to form a 45° angle. The strands will get into the sulcus and will be able to remove the plaque which was formed. Softly brush the external side of a group of 2 or 3 teeth with a round movement
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    Length 23
    BrandButler Gum
    Life StageAdult
    UsageOral Cavity
    Pack SpecificationBox
    ApplicationOral Cavity
    Country of OriginUSA
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