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Bioderma Cicabio Soothing Repair Cream For Irritated And Damaged Skin 100ml

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|Repairing and soothing cream |Remedy for irritated and damaged skin |For repairing skin that has suffered aggressions |Good tolerance with creamy texture |Non-comedogenic and unfragranced |Allows quick and easy application |Proven efficacy; Soothed skin: 95% |Family convenient; for all the family (except premature infants) |With patented Antalgicine™ and D.A.F
  • Repairing and soothing cream
  • Remedy for irritated and damaged skin
  • For repairing skin that has suffered aggressions
  • Good tolerance with creamy texture
  • Non-comedogenic and unfragranced
  • Allows quick and easy application
  • Proven efficacy; Soothed skin: 95%
  • Family convenient; for all the family (except premature infants)
  • With patented Antalgicine™ and D.A.F
  • Bioderma Cicabio Cream helps repair irritated skin by acting on each stage of the biological epidermal reconstruction process. The synergic combination of resveratrol, copper and centella asiatica promotes high-quality epidermal restoration. Zinc prevents bacterial proliferation. Patented active Antalgicine™ is specifically used in Cicabio Cream. This innovative active ingredient Antalgicine quickly relieves feelings of discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch. This active ingredient is directly inspired by our own internal pain regulation mechanisms. The structure is fairly similar to a natural endorphin, and we know it has a proven soothing effect. Antalgicine™ helps soothe the sensations of discomfort we sometimes feel when our skin is healing. It also reduces itching. Another patent complex, D.A.F™ patented natural complex increases the skin's tolerance threshold, regardless of skin type - in order to strengthen its resistance. All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS' approach to respect the skin's ecosystem and preserve its health in a lasting way. Cicabio offers a full range of products to promote skin repair on the face or body: repair creams (with or without SPF), drying lotions. Choose the one that is best for you to soothe and repair your weakened skin.
  • Restores the epidermis and moisturizes
  • Relieves discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch
  • Forms a breathable film for optimum skin comfort
  • Rapid absorption without leaving a greasy film
  • Soothes and repairs your weakened skin
  • Supports the skin's reconstruction process
  • Helps your skin repair itself while minimising discomfort
  • Helps regulate skin reactivity and strengthen skin resistance
  • Once or twice daily until your skin is fully repaired. Apply Cicabio Creme on the damaged area after cleansing and drying.
  • Avoid the eye contour area. If skin oozes or irritation persists, consult a healthcare professional. Only apply to lips from the age of 6 months. Only apply to external membranes in adults. Use Cicabio Pommade for the nappy area in babies and young children.
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Net Pack Volume (ml)100
Life StageAdult
Pack SpecificationTube
Skin TypeSensitive
Country of OriginFrance
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