Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna

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    • Provides intensive skin care and inhalation
    • Steam attachment for aroma therapy use
    • 2 power settings
    • Provides intensive skin care and inhalation
    • Steam attachment for aroma therapy use
    • 2 power settings
    • Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna provides an ideal basis for cosmetic facial care. It is also used for deep cleansing, moisturizing and as face masks. The invigorating steam increases the skin circulation, pores are opened and impurities are removed more easily, hence the skincare products penetrate deep into the skin through the opened pores, thus optimizing their action.
    • Perfect for intensive skin care treatment, easing blocked pores and sinus issues
    • Amount of steam can be controlled with the continuously adjustable control
    • The Beurer FS50 also has separate inhaler attachment
    • Aroma therapy oils can be added to the container for soothing relief
    • This device is intended only for use on the human face
    • Place the device on a flat, firm, level and water-insensitive surface or on a table
    • Use the measuring cup to fill the device's water container with water. Do not exceed the maximum filling level
    • You should never fill the container directly under running water but only use the measuring cup that comes with it
    • The water volume at maximum filling level is enough for about 20 minutes use
    • Do not use oils, herbs or other aromatic substances as a substitute for water but only added to adequate water filling
    • Fix the desired steam mask onto the basic unit by turning it. Ensure that the mask engages firmly with the knobs
    • Uncoil the cable fully. Plug into the socket. Then turn the switch clockwise until the red indicator lights up
    • Turn the switch first to position ?'2'' in order to speed up heating. After about 5 minutes, steam begins to rise. Turn the switch back to position ?'1'' to reduce the steam output
    • Always refer to the instructions manual before use
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    Age Group18+ years
    Length 20.5
    GenderUnisex, Male, Female
    Life StageAdults
    Pack SpecificationBox
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