Beurer Kitchen Scale KS32

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    • Kitchen scale comes with Large bowl with pouring lip
    • Capacity: approx. 3.0 litres
    • Dishwasher-safe bowl
    • Kitchen scale comes with Large bowl with pouring lip
    • Capacity: approx. 3.0 litres
    • Dishwasher-safe bowl
    • Beurer Kitchen Scale is particularly practical with the large bowl that makes weighing and clearing up, afterwards easier, with automatic switch-off and overload indicator. Using Beurer Kitchen Scale scale will result in a more accurate measurement of the ingredients than by measuring it by volume.
    • Helps with portion sizes as it gives accurate and consistent measurements
    • Saves space as the scale can be stored in the bowl
    • Help with calorie counting and determining real serving sizes
    • Makes cooking and baking much easier
    • Easy to use
    • Weighing: On delivery the scale is set to the units �g�
    • To change the units to lb / oz�, press and hold the ON/ OFF/TARA� button with the unit switched off until the required units are shown on the display. Release the ON/OFF/TARA button again to confirm. Switch the scale on by pressing ON/OFF/TARA. 8888 first of all appears followed by 0 g (g�=gram), indicating that the scale is now ready for weighing. Weights are displayed in 1g steps.
    • Weighing without a bowl: Place the item to be weighed directly on the scale. The weight thereof is displayed immediately.
    • Weighing with a bowl: The scale takes the weight of any vessel (supplied bowl or other vessel) you place onto it into account even before it is turned on. If you then remove the bowl from the scale, a minus weight (weight of bowl) appears in the display. If you have placed the bowl on the scale after it has been switched on, the scale displays the weight of the bowl. Press ON/OFF/TARA and the scale returns to 0�. Add ingredients: If you add any further ingredients (e.g. baking ingredients), the scale displays the new total weight.
    • Automatic switch-off: If the kitchen scale is left unused for longer than 3 minutes, it automatically switches itself off.
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